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We support the delivery of innovation

Strix has always supported the development of appliance design, through application engineering support. In recent years this appliance knowledge has been utilised to successfully deliver product design.

Strix design creates differentiation through the fusion of functional design, aesthetics and materials to incorporate unique features and benefits for our customers.

Strix appliance design delivers product innovation and is aligned with the Strix application engineering team to ensure an optimised system performance and a reduced time to market.

Product realisation is achieved through a variety of levels of design support tailored to meet the needs of the customer and reflect the size of the opportunity.

  The development of hand sketches and 3D rendered visualisation.
  The creation of 2D GA drawings through to full 3D CAD modelling.
  Visual block models through to fully functional prototypes are developed to further enhance the design     and marketing process.

Strix works with leading brands and key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to design appliances to enable both market and product development that deliver profitable growth.

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