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Manufacturing Support
Strix offers guidance and support every step of the way

Besides offering excellent quality, reliable and safe controls, Strix offers value added services to manufacturers and brands wherever they are located.


Industrial Design

Strix can create customized industrial designs for kettle projects. For more information,click here.

Design Engineering

Strix provide design engineering support on a case by case basis. For more information, click here.

Control Solution

Whether an application requires an immersed or concealed element control set depends on the industrial design of the appliance. The exact specification of the control type for each application is determined during the design engineering process. To learn more about the various control solutions available from Strix, click here.

Parts sourcing & testing

Strix can supply accessories for our full range of controls. Strix can also recommend heating element manufacturers who supply Strix-compatible heating elements for both immersed and concealed element controls. Please contact us for any queries.

OEM Support

Strix conduct a comprehensive technical evaluation of all kettles fitted with Strix controls. This process called the Customer Application Review Process (CARP) includes evaluation during the industrial design, design engineering and control selection stages described above. In addition, CRF (Contract Review Form) testing on all Strix fitted kettles is carried out at the final stage of development before volume production commences providing additional reassurance to our customers.

This CRF testing focuses on safety critical aspects of the appliance and includes checks on steam performance, dry boil operation, spillage, disengagement, wiring and various other aspects as per stringent national and international safety guidelines. A summary report is provided to the manufacturer highlighting the reasons for any failure with recommendations of corrective actions to resolve any appliance issues. Controls are only supplied if the CRF report deems the appliance safe and compatible across all the measures of performance.

Strix also works closely with factories to update and support them on latest production techniques including Statistical Process Control (SPC) thereby increasing efficiency, reliability and quality of their product and processes.

Compatibility testing

Strix conduct extensive testing of immersed and concealed heating elements made by various element manufacturers to ensure that the elements are compatible with Strix controls. This helps to minimize potential problems such as incorrect critical dimensions, incorrect materials, watts density, etc. which can lead to overheating and failure of the element. Manufacturers can contact Strix for information on compatible controls for their kettle applications.

Production Audit

Our local OEM and market managers visit factories on a regular basis to gain a better understanding of product development plans and gain valuable insight into manufacturing capabilities. Production line visits are usually ad-hoc and provide a platform to share feedback with the manufacturer on customer expectations and potential improvements. It also helps Strix to provide feedback to customers on factory quality and performance. Strix believe that this is a valuable addition for all parties involved and helps offer closely aligned marketing and sourcing support to manufacturers, brands and Retail customers.

Marketing support

Strix regularly assist kettle manufacturers with brand introductions in various international markets. Strix have wide market coverage in America, UK, Europe, Russia, India, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions through dedicated territory managers who engage with customers on a regular basis. In turn, Strix support these customers with introductions to manufacturers located in various parts of the world. This partnership demonstrates our win-win approach with our customers.

Sourcing support

Strix liaise closely with brands and their sourcing offices to help source kettles. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of market and customer requirements acquired through feedback and detailed market surveys. Leveraging our contacts and long standing relationship with an extensive network of manufacturers, we are able to turn around and support customer requests at short notice to identify and present appliances that closely meet their specifications in terms of product design, quality and price.

Strix have a showroom in Hong Kong showcasing appliances from various OEMs. This provides brands and Retailers the opportunity to get a “first-look” at new designs available at manufacturers and designs under development. Please contact us if you require any sourcing support.


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