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Turbo Toaster – a new generation of toasters
December 2014

Strix would like to announce the introduction of Turbo Toaster, the world’s fastest toaster capable of producing toast in under 60 seconds.

At 48 million units p.a., toasters represent a significant sector within the small domestic appliance market, yet brand feedback suggests that there has been no major innovation in this category in many years.

The Turbo Toaster uses new patented technology, combining convection and radiant heating to speed up the Maillard process and produce toast in under a minute, addressing a real consumer need.

Already, the Turbo Toaster has won the prestigious Thomas Miller award for Innovation and Independent Thinking at an awards ceremony held on the Isle of Man in November 2014.

“Another patented innovation from Strix which brings breakthrough performance to a category that has seen little genuine innovation over that last 10 years. Speed is valued by today’s time pressed consumers and 1 minute toast is now possible using the Strix Turbo Toast technology saving up to 2 minutes per round of toast when compared to other leading toasters”.

– Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation & Development Director

The appliance is now going into production with launches planned by leading brands in Australasia and Europe in early 2015.

Strix stand at 116th Canton Fair
October 2014

Please accept our invitation to visit the Strix stand at the Canton Fair from 15-19 October 2014 in Guangzhou.

Find out about the latest breakthrough in kettle controls, the newest way to develop the safest, low cost kettle, the world's first 1 minute toaster and further breakthroughs in steam boiler systems and antibacterial water filters.

All protected by Strix intellectual property and the result of many years of research and development.

Where to find us:

Hall 4.2
Stand H03-04

116th Canton Fair
China Import and Export Fair Complex
No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

Find the right KeAi for you
April 2014

Over 80 KeAi kettle designs will be available to see at the Strix Hong Kong showroom during the fair period.

Over 40 are off-tool appliances, all offering the inherent cost, efficiency and shipping savings that come with KeAi.

To find out more please email our sales office or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

KeAi = 100% Pass
March 2014

Safety is at the heart of everything Strix stands for and we are very proud to announce that KeAi, the brand new integrated micro cordless control system, comes with all relevant international approvals.

CCC, CB, EN and CRE approved

CQC, CB, EN and CB approved.

Your Strix Regional Sales Manager will be happy to talk you through the results of the additional Strix internal qualification, endurance and abuse conditions testing which in many cases exceed the international standards.

We have moved
February 2014

We have moved to a new showroom in the World Trade Centre, Hong Kong. The new office provides more meeting space and a large, purpose-built showroom to effectively showcase our latest product range.

The address is

Strix (Hong Kong) Limited
World Trade Centre
Room 2002-03, 20/F
280 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

MTR exit: D1, Causeway Bay.

To contact the office

Tel: +852 2832 5878
Fax: +852 2575 2928

KeAi 360° immersed kettle
December 2013

We are proud to announce the first 360° immersed kettle, bringing the 360° advantages to the immersed price point. Strix's brand new micro control, KeAi, makes it possible. The first integrated control that can work with an immersed element, offering the 360° user and design freedom at very attractive cost.

The first appliance is going to be launched beginning of next year.

• 360° base & immersed element
• 1.7 litres
• Hinged, pull up lid
• Neon power indicator
• PP actuator
• Floating power base
• 220-240V, 1.85kW-2.2kW
• KeAi 10 Amp control

To find out more please email our sales office or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Over 40 KeAi kettles on display
September 2013

Are you in Hong Kong or Guangzhou over the fair period in October? If so, please accept the invitation to visit Strix at our Hong Kong showroom or Guangzhou facility.

We have an impressive range of over 40 kettles on display fitted with KeAi, our brand new ultra compact control, plus the very latest product developments.

Strix also offer a number of unique services that you may not be aware of but that could give you a competitive edge. Let's discuss how we could help grow your business.

Why not book a meeting with your regional Sales Manager to visit our showroom?

First KeAi appliances hit the market
June 2013

KeAi, the brand new integrated micro cordless control system by Strix has hit the market. The first KeAi fitted kettles are rolling out in hotels across China and more KeAi appliances are going to appear in Europe soon.

In total, Strix are working with 15 OEMs on more than 40 KeAi appliance projects. A dedicated KeAi Applications Engineering Team is providing extensive support to each of the OEMs.

To find out more about the Strix KeAi series visit our homepage or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine – a totally new appliance built on Strix technology.
April 2013

Strix would like to announce the introduction of a brand new appliance featuring Strix developed technology – the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine.

The appliance represents the culmination of a significant development project, where Strix worked closely with Tommee Tippee, one of the world’s leading Mother & Baby product brands to deliver a whole new category of appliance that addresses previously un-met consumer needs.

The Perfect Prep machine automates much of the process of preparing infant formula milk, delivering purified water at the perfect temperature for baby to drink and eliminating bacteria which can be present in formula milk powder – all within 2 minutes.

This means that mothers and fathers can prepare formula feed for their babies to World Health Organisation guidelines more quickly and conveniently than ever before and with total confidence that the formula is at the ideal dilution and temperature.

The appliance features two key Strix developed technologies, the Instant Flow Heater and Aqua Optima Anti Bacteria Filter.

The former ensures perfect final temperature and volume accuracy as well as delivering an initial hot dispense to eradicate any bacteria that may be in the formula powder and the Anti Bacteria filter eliminates the need for boiling tap water and thus greatly saves time.

The Anti Bacteria Filter System has been tested and approved for:-

Bacteria removal to 300 litres (Intertek Laboratories – UK), NSF42 - Chlorine removal (Water Quality Association - USA), NSF53 - Cyst removal (Water Quality Association -USA) UF membrane (Japan Food Research Laboratories to JIS:3201 standard for bacteria removal)

The Perfect Prep machine will be launched simultaneously in the UK and USA and will be appearing on the shelves of leading retailers and Mother & Baby specialists in both those territories from March 2013. The project is the first time that Strix technology has been featured in Mother & Baby products and demonstrates Strix’s ongoing goal to apply our expertise in water heating and purification to new markets.

“ The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine is the result on some pioneering work by Strix and Tommee Tippee to bring genuinely world leading innovation to a really exciting new market. Tommee Tippee is one of the world’s largest and most trusted Mother & Baby product brands and it speaks volumes that when looking for a technology owner and product development expert, they chose Strix. The appliance we have developed offers brand new functionality that will make a real difference to parents’ daily lives and we believe could be the beginning of a number of new developments in the Mother & Baby products market.”

Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation & Development Director

Coffee, just the way you like it, has never been easier
April 2013

Strix is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new coffee making system “ClevAroma”, debuting in the USA in May 2013.

The “ClevAroma” system delivers real innovation as the first coffee brewing technology capable of making single cups to full carafes of great coffee, using loose grounds or using one of several leading coffee pod formats.

It is fast, making a single cup in around 80 seconds from cold and a full carafe in only 7 minutes and features user strength control and optimized brew temperatures with the intelligent bypass system to make great coffee every time.

Today’s consumers look for coffee machines that not only make great coffee, but where it can be customized to their own tastes and in this area the “ClevAroma” system excels, allowing consumers to make their coffee exactly the way they like it.

“ClevAroma” uses patented Strix “Instant Flow Heating” technology and finely tuned electronic controls to ensure that the water is dispensed into the coffee at the perfect brewing temperature, regardless of the volume, and even features a “steam spritz” to dry the grounds after brewing for less mess and to ensure that all the flavour of the coffee is captured.

The system means that consumers can make premium quality hot drinks on demand, from the comfort of their own homes and personalise the brewing with their choice of coffee and brew settings.

The US version is being launched via the Home Shopping Network in May, in conjunction with a leading American small domestic appliance brand.

Commenting on the launch of the ClevAroma, Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation and Development Director said:

“Coffee occasions occur at all times of the day and with varying numbers of people, the “ClevAroma” system delivers great coffee for a single morning “wake up” cup through to making after dinner coffee for a crowd of guests. Strix’s expertise in heating and temperature control, as well as innovations such as the “Intelligent Bypass” brewing system demonstrates our commitment to deliver market changing developments and exciting new utility to the coffee maker market.”

Landmark in Water Filtration: Aqua Optima Anti Bacteria Filter
March 2013

Aqua Optima is pleased to announce the launch of the new “Anti Bacteria” filters, a breakthrough development proven through extensive external testing to deliver water free from impurities.

Aqua Optima “Anti Bacteria” filters combine multiple treatment technologies including ultra fine mesh, activated carbon and ion exchange resin to remove contaminants including particulates, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals & heavy metals which may be present in potable mains water supplies as well as ¬removing bacteria to produce great tasting, safe drinking water – as effective as boiling.

Tests conducted by independent laboratories have proven that the system eliminates more than 99.9% of all bacteria over its 300 litre life, as well as improving the taste and appearance of tap water and reducing the impurities that cause lime scale build up in kettles.

The System has been tested and approved for:

Bacteria removal to 300 litres (Intertek Laboratories – UK), NSF42 - Chlorine removal (Water Quality Association - USA), NSF53 - Cyst removal (Water Quality Association -USA) UF membrane (Japan Food Research Laboratories to JIS:3201 standard for bacteria removal)

The Aqua Optima “Anti Bacteria” filter system makes safe drinking water available at a fraction of the cost of expensive under sink systems used in some parts of the world and makes pure water accessible in those markets where the quality of the mains supply is uncertain. Consumers in these territories can be confident that bacteria and other harmful substances have been removed before drinking.

In common with the original Aqua Optima systems, Aqua Optima “Anti Bacteria” filters also provide a much more cost effective and environmentally friendly option than buying bottled water – great looking and tasting water is now affordable for all.

“Aqua Optima is committed to making the latest developments in water purification technology easily accessible to all and for consumers concerned about the impurities which can be present in mains water supplies to enjoy the benefits of our unique Anti Bacteria filter technology. The Aqua Optima water filter range already makes great economic and ecological sense when compared with purchasing bottled water and the introduction of new “Anti Bacteria” technology adds another option for consumers”.

– Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation & Development Director

Aqua Optima "On the Move"
February 2013

Aqua Optima, the world’s fastest growing water filtration system is pleased to announce the launch of the new “On The Move” water bottle and filter system, a new development, making the benefits of Aqua Optima’s class leading water purification even easier to enjoy.

Aqua Optima “On The Move” is a high quality water bottle with an integrated filter that purifies water as you drink and provides a more economical and ecological solution to bottled water.

Just fill the bottle directly with potable water from the tap and enjoy great tasting, freshly filtered pure water at home, at work or school, whilst exercising or travelling.

Aqua Optima’s “On the Move” filters reduce chlorine, improving taste & odour, and also reduce herbicides, pesticides & fine particles that may be present in the mains water supply.

Each BPA free bottle has a generous 650 ml capacity and can treat 150 litres of water per filter (230 refills), so represents a far more sustainable option than buying bottled water, but without compromising on purity.

“Aqua Optima “On The Move” makes enjoying the benefits of our water purification even simpler and is specifically designed to fit with the busy lifestyles of today’s consumers. “On The Move” is a “grab and go” solution, which means that we can all have great tasting pure water on hand whenever we need it and is a great option for those concerned with the unnecessary expense and environmental impact of bottled water”.

– Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation & Development Director

KeAi - a revolutionary new kettle control family from Strix
January 2013

Strix is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new integrated micro cordless control system, “KeAi” (pronounced “Kai”), now available for 8.2 Amp and 10 Amp applications.

KeAi represents a revolution in UHS (Under floor Heating System) kettle cordless controls, reducing the control size and component numbers versus standard controls and thus material and production costs, whilst retaining all of the utility and safety features for which Strix components are noted.

The KeAi control system is not just physically smaller, it also has an integrated cord set and neon and allows for appliances to be made more compact, without losing their water capacity, and thus more efficient to transport and therefore environmentally friendly.

Reducing the number of electrical connections, a common cause of returns issues, has improved the safety & reliability even further and the higher production line efficiency and lower logistical costs make KeAi a compelling proposition for entry price level kettles.

KeAi retains all of the key functionality we have come to expect from Strix controls, including LOSO (“Lift Off, Switch Off”), optimised coning (making it even easier to lift and replace) and an integrated on/off switch with feedback. KeAi controls can even be teamed with new, lower cost heating elements for even greater efficiencies.

KeAi builds on the nearly 30 years of cordless control expertise Strix have gathered and is fully compliant with all the relevant safety and quality standards and extensively life tested in excess of requirements to ensure that KeAi fitted appliances work first time, every time throughout the lifetime of the product.

KeAi fitted appliances will shortly be launched in Asia and Eastern Europe and will make access to Strix’s technology even wider than before and drive up the safety standards and product performance in developing markets.

“KeAi is a really exciting development for Strix and represents the first real quantum leap in Kettle control innovation for some time. The reduced use of materials, manufacturing and logistical efficiencies built in to the design will not just make Strix controls even more affordable to an even wider market, but also lessen the environmental impact of appliances – a key aim for Strix new product development. That all of this has been achieved with no compromise on safety, reliability or utility shows why we believe that KeAi can offer a real step change in the kettle control market ”

Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation & Development Director

Strix Sponsorship of Manx Student
September 2012

Strix has sponsored A Level Student Amy Lowe from the Isle of Man to have her prize-winning product design registered as part of our support for raising the profile of Engineering and Design amongst the island's young people.

Amy’s design for her innovative A-Maze pill dispenser won her the "Best of the Best" prize in this year’s Isle of Man Government ACE (Awareness of Careers in Engineering) awards.

Strix has agreed to fund the European Design Registration of her design and our patent attorneys, Dehns, have agreed to support this by waiving their fees for the application. This assistance is worth nearly £2,000 and will secure protection for Amy’s design for up to 25 years and allow her to commercialise it, should she wish to do so.

‘We at Strix are delighted to be able to support Amy in registering this innovative and functional design. We believe that fostering the development of Engineering and Design skills is vital for the island’s long term development and that schemes like this are a great way to encourage our young people to engage with the possibilities that a career in engineering can offer.’

– Andrew Hewins, Strix Group IPR Manager

Strix Technology: Investing in the Isle of Man.
August 2012

Strix Ltd. is pleased to announce that the recently commissioned new moulding machine for their Head Office and Research and Development base at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man is now operational.

This new equipment will allow for production quality prototypes to be made on site, leading to even faster new product development and increasing Strix’s speed to market with their innovations. It represents a significant investment by the company in the Ronaldsway site and the ongoing commitment to continue developing new products on the island that go on to sell across the globe in their millions.

“Installing this equipment at Ronaldsway can give us a real speed advantage in our highly competitive markets and enable us to bring our innovations to consumers even more quickly than before. Strix is at the cutting edge of technology solutions in our Small Domestic Appliance markets and this investment shows our determination to remain at the front of the pack and the confidence we have in the abilities of our team at Ronaldsway. Strix has a long and proud history of innovation and many of our most important developments have been developed here on the Isle of Man, a record we intend to continue in the future”

– Mark Finnie, Group Marketing Director

Strix Technology: The World’s First Cordless Steam Generator
June 2012

Strix are pleased to announce the launch of our new patented combined Corded/Cordless Steam Generator technology.

In response to consumer demands for ways to make ironing faster and more convenient, Strix have developed a steam generator ironing system that can also be used in a cordless mode, with a high continuous steam rate to press clothes quickly and efficiently.

The system also has the advantage of an ultra fast start-up/warm-up time, an Achilles heel for many conventional steam generator systems, that means it will be as simple to set up to press a few items as with a standard steam iron, but retain the performance advantages of a steam generator.

The cordless mode retains a high steam rate for great performance, but eliminates the inconvenience of a cord getting in the way and means the appliance can also be used to steam curtains or bed linen in situ. This is made possible by Strix’s patented mini boiler technology and hybrid water/power connector for switching between corded and cordless operation.

The ability of the mini boiler to produce large amounts of controlled steam in a very short time means that this system can produce steam at any soleplate temperature, which means great wrinkle reduction, even on delicate fibres and also allows no need for cooling before refilling the tank when empty.

"This new development is based on pioneering engineering and extensive consumer testing and could revolutionise ironing for consumers and finally free them from the inconvenience of a cord, without sacrificing performance. It is another example of how Strix is leveraging our expertise in hot water and steam to provide innovative solutions that make a real difference."

– Mark Finnie, Group Marketing Director

In recent years, steam generators are proving increasingly popular with consumers due to the greater steam production and therefore improved ironing performance, but have been somewhat hampered by their typically bulky cords and long start up waiting times – issues that the Strix cordless system solves.

The first appliance with the new technology is available very soon and is attracting a great deal of interest from leading brands in the garment care sector - interested parties are asked to contact Strix for more information.

2 HotCups achieve Which? Best Buy Status
March 2012

The influential UK consumer information website and magazine "Which?" recently conducted its first in depth test and ranking of Hot Water Dispensers in the issue dated March 2012.

Of the 8 appliances tested, 7 feature Strix’s patented HotCup heating system, all of which scored well against tough criteria and two achieved the highly sought after "Which? Best Buy" status.

The Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 and Tefal Express Boil BR40 were the appliances rated as "Best Buys", scoring 78% and 76% respectively and 6 out of 7 HotCup systems achieved over 70%, a fantastic result.

Which? praised the speed of all of the HotCup systems, but was particularly impressed by the simplicity and compact size of the OneCup plus the volume accuracy and effective cancel function of the Tefal appliance.

“Great to see that the belief Strix has in the patented Hot cup development is being vindicated by the prestigious independent consumer organisation Which? As Strix conducts extensive consumer research prior to any technology launches the results are not a surprise but reinforce the need to constantly improve and bring new technologies to market in order to meet the needs of the ever more demanding consumer.”

– Mark Finnie, Strix Group Marketing Director

The full report and ranking has been published in Which? magazine issue March 2012:

Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 - 78% Best Buy
Tefal Express Boil BR40 - 76% Best Buy
Breville Hot Cup VKJ142 - 74%
Argos Cookworks Signature 423/7611 - 72%
Morphy Richards Meno 43926 - 71%
Breville Hot Cup VKJ367 - 71%
Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 - 64%
Breville Wake Cup VCF042 - 59%

Which? is a UK based independent product-testing organization which aims to promote informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services. For more information log on to:

Brewing up a storm in Coffee Makers
March 2012

Strix are pleased to announce the launch of our new patented “Waterfall” coffee brewing technology via a new appliance available now in the UK.

Strix has developed the “Waterfall” brewing system, which circulates water through the grounds at the user’s chosen temperature for a chosen brew time, but crucially keeps the brewed coffee and spent ground separate at the end of the brew, preventing over-brewing and a bitter taste. The “Waterfall” system uses the movement of the water through the brew basket to stir and agitate the coffee grounds, ensuring great extraction of all the flavour in only a fraction of the time.

The first appliance to feature this patented system is the Morphy Richards “Cascata” coffee maker, now available in leading UK retailers, which has user brew strength, temperature and time options in a striking contemporary design with a Duran Schott carafe and thermostatic hotplate to keep the coffee perfectly hot.

“We feel this very exciting development will make a real difference to consumers. We have worked with experts in coffee brewing to develop the “Waterfall” brewing system and are confident that it produces fantastic coffee as well as making the brewing process faster, simpler and more convenient. This development shows how Strix is bringing expertise and innovative solutions to the electric coffee maker market and offering a real point of difference.”

– Mark Finnie, Group Marketing Director

Parties interested in the “Waterfall” coffee systems are invited to contact Strix ( for more details.

How to succeed in Asia
January 2012

Strix CEO Paul Hussey is featured in the latest UK Trade & Investment newsletter article (Dec 2011), where he shares his thoughts on how to make business a success in Asia.

In the interview, Paul explains the company’s “30 year heritage of doing business across Asia” followed by “Paul’s top ten tips for success in Asia”.

The article deals with the opportunities and challenges companies must face to build profitably and sustainably in China and outlines the successful strategies Strix have used in developing a strong business over recent years.

To read the full article, please click here.

Paul will also be a keynote speaker at the ‘Explore Asia – a world of opportunities for UK companies’ event on 9 February 2012 in London, hosted by UK Trade & Investment, in partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland.

More information about this event can be found via

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is a UK Government organisation working with businesses based in the United Kingdom to ensure their success in international markets, and to encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice. For more information please log on to:

Simplifying Water Filtration: Strix Launches New Evolve Filter
May, 2011

Aqua Optima, the world’s fastest growing water filtration system is pleased to announce the launch of the new “Evolve” cartridge, designed to make water purification simpler for today’s consumers.

The Aqua Optima filter system removes impurities, improves the overall look and taste of tap water and reduces sediments that cause limescale build up in kettles. It pioneered the development of “fast flow” systems that filter effectively and quickly and have now become the industry standard.

A major headache for consumers has been the need to use specified fits for their filtered jugs and appliances that results in searching to find the correct replacement cartridge when one is needed. Responding to consumer needs, the “Evolve” system provides a perfect solution.

In addition to being compatible with the original Aqua Optima system, the “Evolve” cartridge also fits all other leading filter brands, meaning that consumers need only buy one cartridge to meet all their water filtration needs. This also reduces the need for retailers to stock extensive ranges of cartridges and thus allows a much larger number of stores to stock a solution that fits all fast flow systems.

“Aqua Optima is committed to making water purification easily accessible to all and to allow owners of appliances fitted with other fast flow systems to enjoy the benefits of our unique 5 step filtration. The multi-fit capabilities of this cartridge mean that water filters can be stocked in a much higher distribution of retailers and buying a replacement cartridge becomes much simpler for consumers”.

– Mark Finnie, Strix Group Marketing Director


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