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Teamwork is central to everything we do

Our People
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Our Values
We continuously strive to deliver results of the highest standard

Reflecting the market in which we operate, Strix is a dynamic and fast-paced company, confident in our ability to meet the challenges of the future by listening to, understanding and responding to our customers.

Whilst not wavering from our uncompromising high standards, we fully embrace change and innovation by insisting on excellence and challenging the way we do business.

Each and every one of us takes a personal responsibility to achieve business excellence, working closely together with our colleagues, partners and customers to deliver world-class quality products across the globe.

Our teams lead by example, valuing and rewarding commitment, hard work and innovation at all levels of the company. Our multi-talented workforce is supported and developed through a process of personal development programmes, performance reviews and continuous feedback throughout the year. We are working towards rolling out a fully developed EFQM programme reflecting our mission for quality management.

We truly believe that exceptional products can only be delivered through exceptional people who trust and respect one another while challenging and developing each other to achieve our maximum potential.

Download to view:  Code of Values and Behaviours

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Within every successful appliance is a Strix product

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Forging partnerships from concept to solution

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Committed to Safety

Safety is at the heart of everything Strix stands for